Bridging Cultures for Safety

Bridging cultures for safety - your safety advantage

Do you find it difficult to integrate your multicultural teams due to negative cultural stereotypes, cultural expectations, defensiveness and resistance to change?

Conflicting working styles?

Have you experienced professional communication misinterpreted and difficult to understand across languages and cultures due to language and cultural barriers?

Ineffective communication may result in confusion, lack of teamwork and low morale. Communicating across the many cultures in the workplace is key in one of the most hazardous environments; the oil and gas industry.

Would you like to...

Gain understanding about cultural interactions in the drilling arena to allow you and your management team to bridge the complexity of cultural diversity and work successfully with people with different cultural backgrounds to succeed.

Learn how to talk with people from culturally diverse backgrounds, promote engagement, empower people and build a high-performance team.

The Bridging Cultures for Safety programme will enlighten you and your management team. You will develop the competency to understand cultural diversity, communicate and interact with people while connecting safety practices to organizational culture to achieve performance operations.

Bridging Cultures for Safety

Bridging Cultures for Safety Programme

This programme provides you with the ability to create new cultural spaces to facilitate win-win solutions; by anticipating, correctly interpreting, and adjusting to the culturally defined behaviours of others.

Underlying Principles of the programme:

  • We are all different BUT we all have to work under the same rules and regulations.
  • Exploring cultural diversity and how it impacts performance.
  • How to manage and lead in multi-cultural and diverse workplaces.

Areas of impact

  • Communication
  • Team Development
  • Psychological Safety
  • Managing Conflict
  • How to lead for a safe operation

Do you have lots of good rules and process and yet people still do not follow them?

Do you provide lots of leadership/skills training and yet still do not get the results you are looting for?

If you said yes to one or more of the above questions, then...

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And discover how the Bridging Cultures for Safety programme will improve your business and safety performance.