Catrina Kruger Head Shot

Areas of Expertise

  • Operational Management
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing and Promotion

Catrina Kruger

Director of Operations, Finance and Client Support

With over 20 years of experience in project, operational, and financial management, Catrina is the perfect fit for the critical role of Operations, Finance & Client Support Director, also known as the Chaos Controller.

Catrina's extensive background and expertise ensure that our team can concentrate on delivering exceptional service and results to our clients without worrying about the behind-the-scenes details. Her knack for multitasking and handling diverse responsibilities keeps everything running seamlessly.

As our Chaos Controller, Catrina is the core that holds our operations together. She meticulously manages financial planning, ensuring our resources are allocated efficiently, and our projects stay within budget. Her operational acumen streamlines our processes, ensuring that every business aspect is optimised for maximum efficiency.

Beyond the numbers and processes, Catrina excels in client support, building strong relationships with our clients and ensuring their needs are met promptly and effectively. Her ability to proactively anticipate and address potential issues helps maintain a smooth workflow and high client satisfaction.

Catrina's role is vital in allowing our team to focus on what we do best: transforming safety culture and leadership in high-risk, high-hazard industries. Her leadership and dedication provide the backbone of our operations, ensuring that we deliver on our promises and exceed expectations every step of the way.

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