Design and Delivery

What do you need?

We design and deliver bespoke programmes in consultation with you that align with your design and delivery needs. We have the experience and expertise to offer three solutions or a combination.

Full Digital

Are you looking for a fully sustainable option for your global safety leadership programme?

We offer a cohort-based digital solution that is immersive, participant-led, highly interactive and tailor-made for your budget and sustainability goals.

Traditional or Hybrid

Are you looking for something in between, which is a more traditional experiential in-the-room on-site experience?

This may be a mixed option of digital, traditional / hybrid, and analogue if required.

We offer 20+ years of experience delivering global programmes.

Full Analogue

Are you looking for a solution that does not rely on technology?

We offer a design and training solution for situations where technology and or electricity may be challenging.

This is an onsite and completely digital-free solution.

Digital Experience

We believe technology is our friend and enabler for sustainable change and collaborative learning in today's rapidly changing world. We run fully digitally facilitated safety leadership programmes for organisations requiring a global reach with sustainability in mind.  Case Study

Digital facilitation is a modern approach to organisational development that combines traditional live workshops with real-time virtual communication and asynchronous virtual collaboration.

We call this In-Person-Virtual, meaning we take what worked well in the ‘in-person’ world and amplify in the In-Person-Virtual world—allowing for greater flexibility, the inclusion of participants from across the organisation without the cost of travel and accommodation as a starting point.

This way of working offers a means to have all voices heard in a safe environment.

Think! How challenging is it to include all members across the organisation in any process, let alone a complex culture change?

You will be able to...

Promotes continuous community before, during and after events/workshops/meetings.

Amplifies every voice with AI-driven idea summarisation and capture. 

Facilitates co-creation and promotes real-time collaboration.

Provides an inclusive and accessible learning zone.

Connects teams and communities beyond time zone barriers.

Set up for synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

Our preferred digital facilitation tool is Howspace; take a look. 

And, they love it ...

It is better than being in a room

The fact we are unknowingly creating our own training content

Hearing other peoples thoughts and ideas

The lively interactive format; syndicate groups and feedback.

Interactive concept of the workshop

The software is impressive. Encourages further training.

I liked the format 'surprisingly', and particularly the ability to mix internationally

The interacting program structure!

Let's have a conversation

Discover how digital facilitation will work for you.

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