Digital Facilitation

We believe that technology is our friend and enabler for sustainable change and collaborative learning in today's rapidly changing world.

Digital facilitation is a modern approach to organisational development that combines traditional live workshops with real-time virtual communication and asynchronous virtual collaboration.

We call this In-Person-Virtual, meaning we take what worked well in the ‘in-person’ world and amplify in the In-Person-Virtual world—allowing for greater flexibility, the inclusion of participants from across the organisation without the cost of travel and accommodation as a starting point.

This way of working offers a means to have all voices heard in a safe environment.

Think! How challenging is it to include all members across the organisation in any process, let alone a complex culture change?

You will be able to...

Create a sense of community before, during and after events/workshops/meetings

More easily capture and share learning and knowledge from one technology source

Engagement comes from all participants

Create a more inclusive space for learning

Teams & communities are created across timezones

Add money back to your bottom-line

Our preferred digital facilitation tool is Howspace take a look. 

Digital Facilitation

And, they love it ...

It is better than being in a room

The fact we are unknowingly creating our own training content

Hearing other peoples thoughts and ideas

The lively interactive format; syndicate groups and feedback.

Interactive concept of the workshop

The software is impressive. Encourages further training.

I liked the format 'surprisingly', and particularly the ability to mix internationally

The interacting program structure!

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