To a Successful Year 2023: A Heartfelt Thanks to our Safety Community

Episode 058

Dec 20, 2023

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🌟 A Thank You to our Safety Community 🌟

Well, today marks the move to the end of the year

A time to reflect and be grateful for all we have achieved
and what is yet to come

We thank you for being part of our journey thus far
We thank you!

~ Karin ~

In our final episode of the year, we want to express our gratitude to you all, our safety community, for your support and reflect on what we're thankful for in 2023. We'll be taking a break over the festive season and returning in January 2024 with exciting new topics.

Episodes E059 and E060 will focus on "Bridging Cultures for Safety," a topic we're passionate about, so tune in on January 10th for part one.

We'd also love to hear what you're celebrating or grateful for this year, big or small, so feel free to reach out to us in the 'Share your thoughts' section on this page or via LinkedIn (Karin Ovari, Nuala Gage or our company page).

Reflecting On Our Gratitute This Year

We have several reasons to be grateful this year.

1- The Safety Collaborators Podcast has reached over 50 episodes

Celebrating our 50th podcast episode was a significant highlight, motivating us to continue sharing valuable content. We're also thankful for the feedback and suggestions from our listeners and promise to deliver more wisdom in 2024.

2- The Safety Collaborations LinkedIn Company page has 1000+ followers

Reaching over a thousand followers on our LinkedIn company page was another milestone.

It's not just about the numbers but about building a community in the safety industry and fostering meaningful conversations about communication and leadership.

3- Our Incredible Safety Community

We're immensely grateful for our clients, followers, and listeners.

The teams we've worked with have been exceptional, and we appreciate every individual we've engaged with, whether it's been a preliminary conversation, planning for the future, or revamping existing programs.

This year has brought about significant changes and exciting opportunities for our consultancy. We've moved beyond the virtual world to embrace a combination of virtual and in-person work.

This shift has allowed us to grow our virtual programs while also engaging with people in physical settings, conducting workshops, visiting various sites, and even going offshore.

We're immensely grateful for your support, which has made this possible.

4- Exhibiting at our First Conferences

Our in-person events were a delightful surprise.

We attended our first event, the Safety Expo in Aberdeen, with no great expectations, to experience face-to-face interactions again, along with setting up the stand, etc.

It turned out to be a wonderful experience, thanks to Jason from XIC Printing, and we're eagerly looking forward to participating again next year.

We also had the privilege of attending the IADC HSE and Sustainability Europe Conference in Amsterdam. While there were valuable presentations, our true highlight was the one-on-one conversations outside the formal sessions.

These interactions allowed us to understand people's challenges, question our assumptions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

We're excited about the potential for growth and collaboration in the coming year.

Looking ahead, we're thrilled to announce our participation in the IADC Drilling Africa Conference in Namibia on 21-22 February 2024.

We'll be speaking on "Bridging Cultures for Safety," a topic we'll explore in our January 2024 podcast episodes.

5- Spending Time Together

These events provide valuable opportunities for our dispersed team, spanning South Africa and Scotland, to come together.

Despite the weather differences, we're excited for Nuala to join us in Scotland over December, where we'll dedicate time to plan our activities for the upcoming year.

This year has been a blessing regarding team collaboration, and we're grateful for the chance to come together despite the geographical distances.

6- Launching Public Safety Leadership Programmes

One of our exciting prospects for 2024 is the development and launch of a public safety leadership programme.

This initiative aims to support frontline leaders who often find themselves transitioning from team members to team leaders. It's a significant shift requiring a different skill set, and our programme will provide essential support in this area.

We have two interconnected initiatives:

  • Public Safety Leadership Programmes; and
  • The Safety Leaders Hub

The former is open to individuals from various organisations, offering accessibility for those who prefer a more accessible option than bespoke programs.

The Safety Leaders Hub, built around community and conversation, will not only assist frontline leaders but also support their managers, creating a closed loop of support.

This programme is a culmination of a ten-year dream and will become a reality in 2024.

We invite anyone interested to reach out as it will include elements of peer community, bite-sized learning, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching if needed.

We anticipate each group having its own hub for confidentiality, and we remain open to possibilities for the future, including larger, more open hubs.

There has been considerable interest from industry players, and we'll continue these conversations.

7- We Have Not Only Survived But Thrived To The 3-Year Mark

As the Safety Collaborations team, we're immensely proud of reaching our three-year milestone and thriving in our business journey.

In 2024, we're committed to making an even more significant difference.

Our dedication to growth extends to our personal development, and our strong learning culture ensures we stay at the forefront of industry knowledge.

We challenge established practices to better serve you, our safety community, and we look forward to continuing this learning journey into the new year.

8- Our Growing Knowledge Hub

Our Knowledge Hub is a valuable resource, offering podcast episodes, blog posts, case studies, and the expanding "Random Acts of Safety" section.

We're eager to hear what topics you'd like to explore within this learning safety community, so feel free to share your interests with us.

After our January 2024 Bridging Cultures for Safety podcast series, we'll continue developing engaging content as requested by you.

9- Our Newsletter

We're gearing up for an exciting 2024 as we plan to launch our newsletter officially, which we have been dabbling with for the past two years.

We are committed to sending out regular newsletters in the coming year to keep you informed about our activities and support the content we share.

If you haven't signed up, we would be delighted for you to join us, and we invite you to sign up to receive it.

Our Three Words

As we wrap up this episode, we'd like to spotlight our three words that define who we are.

signifies bringing people and groups together to shape the culture we desire.

represents blending the past and present to create our future story.

COLLABORATION - is the partnership between you and us to craft the narrative of the future we aspire to.

Our Three Words Banner

We wish you could see the animated hand gestures accompanying these words in our discussion; perhaps we'll create a video showcasing them at some point when we're together.

In The Spirit of Embrace Fruitful Collaboration

Most importantly, the Safety Collaborations team still enjoys working together after three years. We continue to grow and learn together, which is a source of joy.

To end the year, let's all practice daily positivity with the "GLAD" technique by Emily Roberts.

E058_To a Successful Year 2023: A Heartfelt Thanks to our Safety Community - The GLAD Technique Image


Thank you for being on this wonderful adventure with us to date,
helping people to have conversations that matter and change the way they think about safety - physically, emotionally and psychologically.

In a world full of connections, we are glad to be one of yours.

May you have a wonderful festive season, in whichever way you celebrate
bringing 2023 to a close and welcoming in 2024.

About the Show

Our purpose in sharing this podcast is to have a chinwag (conversation) to help people change how they think and behave about safety. 

We do this by engaging in dialogue and testing the levels of trust and psychological safety, which are core to organisational culture. Making safety part of your DNA so that your people speak up, show up, do right, and become safer every day for yourself, your team, and your business.

We will explore topics related to organisational and safety culture, leadership, the language of risk, emotional literacy, psychological safety, conversational agility, intercultural intelligence, and whatever else pops up during our conversations—sharing our experiences and learnings. 

We intend to share nuggets of wisdom that will challenge your perspectives, potentially solve a nagging problem, share actions you can implement, and give you at least one aha moment.

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