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Areas of Expertise

  • Safety Culture Development & Growth
  • Executive, Management & Team
  • Coaching
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Front Line Leadership Development
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Facilitation & Presentation Skills
  • Instructional Design, Training &
  • Development
  • Focus Groups, Workshops,
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Strategic Consulting

Nuala Gage

Director of Consulting & People, Principal Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

Nuala has excelled in high-hazard industries like oil & gas, mining, EPCM, and energy, showcasing her expertise in these challenging environments. Her deep understanding of adult learning, behavioural safety and coaching enhances her approach to improving organisational safety culture. She integrates these disciplines to create effective solutions that promote safety, communication, and leadership.

Key Projects and Achievements:

  • Conducted thorough safety culture assessments, resulting in customised solutions that improved safety practices.
  • Reduced offshore safety incident severity by 40% through targeted coaching and training.
  • Increased offshore crew performance and morale by 30-60% through development programs.
  • Successfully bridged cultures across a workforce of 25 nationalities, fostering unity and collaboration.
  • Improved client and contractor communication and decision-making, leading to timely project completion.
  • Enhanced supervisor coaching skills, resulting in better productivity, communication, and employee retention.
  • Designed & facilitated workshops and programs at all organisational levels, enhancing safety, communication, leadership, and inclusion.

Nuala's hands-on experience in human factors is crucial to her work. She designs systems that accommodate human capabilities and limitations, reducing errors and improving safety. Her knowledge of workplace design, human behaviour, and cognitive processes creates a well-rounded and effective approach to making workplaces safer and more efficient.

Beyond the boardroom, Nuala transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, spreads infectious enthusiasm, builds meaningful connections, and promotes good conversations. She constantly seeks knowledge and growth and gives back as a member of Lions International and through other charity initiatives.

Client Testimonial:

I worked with Nuala while she was facilitating a safety culture program during the Kaombo project @Total. Within no time, she understood our constraints, the complexity of our project and the difficulties we were facing on our multiple sites; her positive and pragmatic approach, together with the way she fully embraced her facilitator role (I am here to guide you toward your own solution rather than I am here to teach you) was very much appreciated by all involved, workers and all level of management. She was a great facilitator and positive-minded coach to us. ~ Remy Lhuillery - Total Project HSE Director

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