Our Podcast Journey: Celebrating the Safety Collaborators Big 5-0 Episode

Episode 050

Oct 25, 2023

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Celebrating 50 Episodes of our Podcast Journey

[Listen at approximately 00:12]

Celebrate the wins, the milestones, the big, the small and gigantic moments that make you proud. These moments motivate, inspire and see you achieving far more than you ever imagined.

Today, we're on top of the world, celebrating the 50th recording of our podcast journey, a milestone that has felt at times like a momentous challenge, an uphill battle and has made us question our sanity on more than one occasion.

It started as a good idea on how to share our wisdom - how do we get out there what's in our heads, not just to the clients we engage with directly, but to you, the wider audience?

How do we help you grow and learn?

We've grown and learned on our podcast journey.

It's been exciting to get feedback from listeners, who comment and say,

  • 'Oh, I've used this episode', or
  • 'You know that episode was so valuable. I've implemented it on site, and I've seen a difference with what's happened with the team I'm working with and the journey.'

It has also been an inspiration, a motivator and solidified our determination because if we can get to 50, we can keep going.

We've had some highs, lows, and detours, but getting to the big 50 has been good, and we're so proud! We also talk about it differently now, and it helps us to confirm what we know or don't know.

We love that sometimes we'll go back and listen to a podcast and say, 'Wow, but that was actually pretty good'.

So do go back and listen to whatever episode you like and, on that note, we thought we would celebrate by sharing some of the highlights, both the ones we enjoyed but, more importantly, the ones that you obviously enjoyed, because some episodes get more likes and hits and downloads than others.

The exciting thing about podcasts is that they grow the longer they're out in the world, and some more than others, so there is nothing nicer than someone [random person] coming up and saying,

  • 'Oh yeah, I loved listening to that episode, it was great', or
  • 'It's a great podcast. I get a lot from it.'

That's truly humbling and lovely for us, so thank you, and we will be sticking to it.

Top Podcast Journey Episodes So Far & Fun Moments

[Listen at approximately 04:35]

Our top three episodes [or series] so far that we've loved and you've loved:

E016, E017 & E018 - The Five Principles of Human Performance

We enjoyed recording this particular series - it was a three-part series on the five principles of human performance, and it is winning the popularity contest so far.

Here's a little recap on the five principles as per Todd Conklin and his book, the Five Principles of Human Performance.

1 - Error is normal.
Even the best people make mistakes.

2 - Blame fixes nothing.
Better to learn than to blame.

3 - Learning and improving are vital. Learning becomes deliberate.
So, as we're improving all the time, let's be deliberate about what we learn from our mistakes or from the questions that we ask.

4 - Context influences behaviour.
Meaning our systems drive our outcomes. So, think about the systems that you put in place. Do they aid the worker, or do they detract? Do they contribute to failure or the behaviours that you're seeing?

5 - How you respond to failure matters.
How leaders act and respond makes a big difference. If somebody raises their hand, or they've made a slight mistake, and as a leader, you're a bit dismissive, or you shut them down or, worse, tell someone they're an idiot, then you're not going to get the outcome you want. So, how you respond matters an awful lot.

So, enjoy episodes E016, E017 and E018 for a deep dive.

E035 - Being Proactive: Red, Green & Blue Money - It's Not What You Think

[Listen at approximately 06:39]

This one stood out for Nuala because, for a change, it was with Karin and co-host Andrew Burton, so she came in as a learner and listener without having been involved in the recording.

But more importantly, the episode explored what stops people from being proactive around safety.

So, how are we not stopping things before they even start?

And then getting into encouraging people to spend more blue money, the small amount that could have been spent upfront to prevent the loss from happening in the first place, and there is so much more around that.

If you have yet to listen to episode E035, that's enough of a teaser to go back and learn more about being proactive: red, green and blue money.

E030 - Improve Your Communication Style: 5 Tips for Active Listening without Interruption

[Listen at approximately 08:07]

We also saw that everybody is keen to improve their active listening skills, and we're delighted that you found that so valuable because listening without interrupting is a skill that needs to be encouraged more.

We, as humans, are very busy listening to our own listening.

This means as soon as somebody asks a question, we often think we've got the answer and interrupt the speaker instead of just listening to the end. They may not speak at your pace or hear exactly what you need, but if you're listening, you will know what you need to do when they're finished.

The key highlight of this one is that we should listen to understand, not listen to respond, and we encourage you to go back to episode E030 and hear more about that.

What Has Been Our Most Fun to Record

[Listen at approximately 09:33]


There are quite a few, but for me, it was the first episode we recorded, which was two and a half hours long. It was about improving your safety culture through intercultural intelligence, and we split it into three parts.

They are episodes E001, E002 and E003 and what I love about those three is that we really had no clue what we were doing; it was just fun, we were having a really good conversation, and that's how the podcast was born.

We thought that if we could do that for that, we could do it for more. It was an eight-month journey to get that three-part series into the world, but that's another story.

[listen at approximately 10:53]


I enjoyed the five-part Conversational Intelligence® Series [C-IQ] very much - it was fun.

So often in business, regardless of what you do, you learn and implement something and then the next shiny object comes along, and you forget about what you've learned.

What I loved about that series was that it reignited my passion for conversational intelligence. As we were reworking through it, all these light bulbs just started coming back on for me. There is so much depth and so much value in the wisdom we get to share around conversational intelligence.

Thank you, Judith E. Glaser, who was the world's leading authority on conversational intelligence.

E027 - Why is a Safety Coach compared to an Underwire Bra?

[Listen at approximately 12:07]

We love that mentioning this podcast can make grown men blush, as it did recently at a safety conference we attended. Safety coaches are seen on-site, and their impact is felt, but what they actually do often raises the question:

'We love having you here, and we really feel you add value, but we don't actually know what you do'.

That's what this episode was inspired by.

We [safety coaches] work diligently in the back of the scenes to create an environment where the people doing the work and the leaders involved in the teams can shine and be their best. We're the supporting role in the background, and that's what we spoke about and related it to the invisible underwire bra of safety.

What do safety coaches do: "I don't know, you sprinkle your fairy dust".

There's a lot more in episode E027, and it's one of those to grab a cup of coffee and have a few giggle moments with.

Let us know your thoughts; we would love to hear what you think about safety coaches being described as the underwire bra in safety, especially all the male safety coaches out there.
They do give us a little bit of a hairy eyeball when we mention it like that.

Our Greatest Lessons & Takeaways

[Listen at approximately 13:29]

1 - We practice what we preach, ask for help, and build a good team around us.

So there is more than just Nuala and I on this escapade that we're on called podcasting. We get the grand titles of being podcasters, but we have Ted, who does all the magic with the audio.

We have Catrina, our third business partner [who you probably don't hear that often about], who helps by putting it all together on the website by converting the podcasts into our [pod]blogs, the written word.

It takes a team to produce this, and they are our support bras, sprinkling fairy dust for us in the background.

2 - Sharing the load.


Building up to a podcast, we have our ideas list, and there are some days where I feel inspired and can put a lot of content into that and do the research and go; this is what's exciting me.

And there are other days where I feel, 'Gosh, okay, I don't know if I've got the energy or the motivation to record today'.

Karin then takes over, saying, 'Okay, don't worry, I've got this'.

And again, a big thank you to Cat and Ted in the background. I definitely wouldn't do it without you.

3 - Researching

To provide high-level content, researching becomes important.

We need to ensure that we keep it engaging and have the most relevant information because the rules, stats, and the science behind whatever we talk about changes.

So, in a year, we'll have a different conversation about the same thing we spoke about this year because science has stepped in and said there's a little more about neuroscience to share.

So, the research is increasing, not decreasing.

4 - Being generous with wisdom

One of the things that we love is sharing wisdom and being generous with that wisdom.

When we were doing the episodes about the networking events we've been at, we spoke about going in with open hands because the more you are prepared to have openness and share, the more you can receive.

So, to get, you must give first. It's not the other way around.
If you want trust, give trust; our podcast is a way of us giving trust.

Inviting Feedback & Being Open to Ideas

[Listen at approximately 16:37]

We invite feedback, and we're open to ideas, and right now, we're at that 50-episode mark on our podcast journey.

We would love to know what you would like us to talk about, so please send us your ideas, whether it's on LinkedIn or our Website.

There are forms, a chatbot, and various ways to connect with us and to let us know what you'd like us to research and talk about to help share the learning.

That way, we can all collaborate [which is our favourite word], so let's collaborate on what happens next on our podcast journey. That would be just fantastic.

Final Thoughts & Thanks

[Listen at approximately 17:41]

A while ago, we mentioned that we'd love to start bringing in some of your stories around what you've experienced in safety, so feel free to share those with us, and we'll set up a time to record them. Let's start sharing your learning as we build those into some bite sizes in the upcoming podcasts.

So, we can officially acknowledge that we are podcasters.
We are podcasters tailored to the safety industry and those where safety is important.

So, in celebration of this wonderful milestone, here is a big THANK YOU from us for listening and keeping us motivated, and a big cheer to the Safety Collaborators, onwards and upwards to the next 50 episodes on our Podcast Journey. 🎉


Episodes that were mentioned throughout this episode.

  • E001 - How to improve your safety culture through intercultural intelligence-part 1
  • E002 - How to improve your safety culture through intercultural intelligence-part 2
  • E003 - How to improve your safety culture through intercultural intelligence-part 3
  • E016 - Unlocking Your Potential: Mastering the 5 Principles of Human Performance - Part 1
  • E017 - Unlocking Your Potential: Mastering the 5 Principles of Human Performance - Part 2
  • E018 - Unlocking Your Potential: Mastering the 5 Principles of Human Performance - Part 3
  • E027 - Why is a Safety Coach compared to an Underwire Bra?
  • E030 - Improve Your Communication Style: 5 Tips for Active Listening without Interruption
  • E035 - Being Proactive: Red, Green & Blue Money - It's Not What You Think
  • E038 - Boosting Conversational Intelligence: An Intro to C-IQ and Why We Love it
  • E039 - [C-IQ] Improve your odds with these 5 Conversational Intelligence Essentials
  • E040 - Crack the 3 Levels of Conversation and Boost Your Communication Skills
  • E041 - Foundation of Trust: The C-IQ Formula Every Effective Leader Needs
  • E042 - The Science of C-IQ: Unlocking Conversational Neuroscience Six Brains

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