Workshops & Training

The Need

To have all employees and leaders on board with your Safety and Organisational Culture by doing what's right with the necessary skills to speak up, show up, do right and become safer every day.

Employees who embrace personal safety leadership and are committed to the safety vision.

How We Help

We offer extensive knowledge and experience to help your people, leaders and teams develop new skills and enhance existing skills to transform your safety culture. 

Our programme range includes and is not limited to 

These workshops can be stand-alone to target specific team, individual and organisational needs.

We deliver on-site, virtually via digital facilitation and or a blend of both to suit your needs and budget.


  • the language of risk
  • safety leadership
  • behavioural safety 
  • frontline supervision 
  • cultural agility
  • team development 
  • coaching skills
  • conversational safety
  • emotional literacy
  • decision-making
  • conflict resolution
  • psychological safety
  • profiling and assessments
  • bridging cultures,  and
  • bespoke workshops

Let's have a conversation

And discover what programme(s) will help your people grow.

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