Random Acts of Safety Charter

A call to action for Safety our Random Acts of Safety Charter (RAoS)

Unintentional injuries and incidents have far-reaching and often devastating consequences. Unintentional injuries are the fifth leading cause of death and contribute significantly to disability.

The emotional, physical, environmental, well-being and financial impacts are far-reaching, affecting many lives directly and indirectly.

There are many challenges that we face in reducing unintentional accidents and incidents. Having a safety conversation is the first step, which may not be easy. In our personal lives, we may not want to offend others.

Our systems can be so complex at work that acting on a potential safety concern may seem too complicated and not 'worth the effort.

Keeping each other, our environment, and our businesses safe should be easy.

Which led us to ask

Why don't we, as safety leaders, encourage random acts of safety?

A new way of thinking about safety

Random acts of safety are about minor yet impactful changes to encourage people to stay safe. It is about small daily encouragement to move people to think, be and act more safely.

A Random Act of Safety is a spontaneous, inconsistent action that addresses an immediate safety concern.

Have you asked yourself, your colleagues, family and friends, "What did you do to keep someone or something safe today?"

A movement that supports people, families, businesses and communities

With our global reach, we are setting out to create a safety movement to help and inspire everyone around the world to make random acts of safety part of who you are. To encourage safety conversations that show you care and make the world a better, safer place.

Will you join us in making random acts of safety part of your DNA and share your random acts of safety stories with the community for all to celebrate and learn?

The inspired Random Acts of Safety Movement

Our RAoS community aims to inspire a safer world, learn from each others' stories, and positively impact those around you. RAoS is a place that makes it easy for everyone to speak up for safety, no matter how big or small your random act may seem. The important thing is that it is simply making the world a better place.

Sharing our collective stories helps others have the courage to speak up, make a difference, and be part of something extraordinary.

What Random Acts of Safety does not support

Random acts of safety are about making the world a safer place through positive conversations and actions.

We will not permit abusive, harassing or discriminatory content or content that does not conform with our RAoS community values.

How it works

#randomactsofsafety provides a platform for shared learning, content and community experiences.

To become a contributor, complete the Random Acts of Safety Submission Form to share your story and press the submit button. We will review all posts to ensure they conform to our community values, and only approved content will be published.

You can read others' inspiring stories and like and comment on the posts.

How you can help!

  1. Add another Random Act of Safety
  2. Share on your socials using the #randomactsofsafety
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