Safety Collaborations Exciting New Updates & Offerings: Are You Up-2-Date?

Episode 067

Jun 19, 2024

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Exciting Updates from Safety Collaborations

New Podcast Format and Guest Speakers

We're excited to reconnect and share the changes we're making to serve you better.

This brief episode is a check-in to update you on what's happening with the podcast. During our short hiatus, we focused on adding more value to our content for your benefit.

We provide extensive written content in addition to our podcasts. To make it easier for you, we're updating the podcast format and introducing some exciting new guests.

Upcoming Conversations

Insights from Industry Experts

We've pre-recorded conversations with four wonderful individuals, which we'll release over the coming weeks:

1. Dan Newby - An emotional literacy expert who runs the School of Emotions. Our conversation with him was heartwarming and insightful.

2. Ella Weinberg - An expert in psychological safety and organisational culture from Canada. She provided valuable perspectives on creating safe work environments.

3. Callum Kerr - A passionate health and safety professional. We met during a safety leadership programme, and he shared his leadership journey with Safety Collaborations.

4. Alex Seideschlag - A human factors and field safety coach. We discussed the return on investment from safety coaching, which was a fabulous conversation.

These conversations were enriching, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

If you have a story that could benefit others and would like to share it, please email us at

Explore @SafetyCollaborations New Content Channels

We're also experimenting with new ways of sharing content.

We've launched a YouTube channel and are creating engaging shorts. For those who haven't heard the voice of Catrina Kruger, you'll get to see her creativity and joy in bringing safety to life.

Our Knowledge Hub on the website offers a wealth of written content, case studies, and podcast show notes. Use the search function or ask us in the chat box if you're looking for specific topics.

Also, look out for Throwback Thursdays on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram channels, where we share valuable wisdom from our archives.

Enhance Your Safety Culture with Our New Training and Coaching Offerings

We are launching training and coaching programmes designed to clarify our offerings and help leaders and teams implement learning quickly.

Our open courses are live, interactive sessions facilitated digitally by Safety Collaborations and our associates.

Our flagship programs include:

  • Safety Culture by Design for Leaders - A unique safety leadership program with a twist.
  • Make it Safer from Day One - Designed for new and emerging workforces, local content and building essential skills required for safer operations.

Within these programmes, there is a suite of workshops that can be run as part of the more extensive programme or pulled out and run as short, sharp half-day workshops.

Some of these include the Five Principles of Human Performance, Coach Approach for Leaders, Conversational Intelligence, Stages of Team Development, and more.

Each session is tailored to provide practical solutions that can be implemented immediately.

We’re also enhancing our Leadership Coaching offerings, providing one-to-one and group coaching sessions to develop leadership skills and support professional goals, strengthening your safety culture.

Connect and Learn

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Each episode explores topics such as leadership, safety, emotional literacy, intercultural intelligence, psychological safety, human factors, communication, trust, the ROI of safety and more, offering valuable takeaways to apply in your work environment. We cover everything from on-site safety observations to bespoke coaching programmes, blending expert insights with engaging storytelling.

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