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Are you ready to elevate your leadership impact and drive organisational safety success? 

Join the virtual Safety Culture by Design for Leaders 2-month cohort-based learning journey.

Safety Culture by Design image includes 3 elements Organisation, Individual, Team/Group - Be the Design(er) for Change

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

From an individual’s point of view

From a team/company point of view


Join the Safety Culture by Design for Leaders Programme Today.

Open Course Programme Details

Duration: 8 weeks online

Cohort 1 begins on 18th June 2024 at 08:00 am GMT+1
Cohort 2
begins on 6th August 2024 at 13:00 pm GMT+1

  • Online Cohort-based co-created learning to fit in with your operational commitments
  • Online to save time and travel costs
  • 6 x 3.5 hour modules
  • + 1 x 2 hour 1:1 coaching per participant
  • A minimum of 8 participants is desired to ensure diversity of thought.
  • Maximum 16 participants to ensure personalised learning
  • Expert facilitators and coaches throughout the programme.
  • Access to The Safety Leaders Hub community

Investment £999.00 (excl. VAT) per person
Register Now and save £250.00 per person off the Standard Price (£1,249.00) excl. Vat

  • Interest-free 3-part instalments are available for individuals. 
  • A group booking discount is available for 3 or more participants.

Do you want a bespoke programme for your team? Lets Talk

A bespoke programme is customised to your organisational and team needs, allowing deeper introspection and development.


Designing the Culture you want is an ACTIVE Process.

Safety Culture by Design Design(er) Framework - includes 8 boxes with the words Define, Engage, Systems, Inclusivity, Growth, Nurture, Evaluate and Resiliance

Unlock the potential of the Design(er) framework in our two-month Safety Culture by Design for Leaders programme. This innovative process uses strategic questions to transform your organisation's culture, focusing on adaptability and inclusivity.

Build high-performing teams where safety is second nature—where team members feel secure asking for help, admitting mistakes, and learning in a psychologically safe environment.

Gain invaluable leadership skills to adapt to various roles and evolving teams. Leave equipped with practical tools and insights to lead confidently and cultivate a safer, more inclusive workplace.

Explore core safety culture principles, master effective communication strategies, and create a work environment where every team member feels valued and heard. Transform your leadership approach for a safer, more cohesive team.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Cultivate a proactive safety mindset across your organisation.
  2. Foster open communication and psychologically safe teams where every voice is heard.
  3. Drive continuous improvement by turning incidents into learning opportunities.
  4. Energise leaders with actionable strategies to design the desired safety culture.
  5. Encourage leaders to take ownership of and actively shape the safety culture.
  6. Align safety culture with overall business success.
  7. Equip leaders with the skills to communicate the right message at the right time effectively.
  8. Develop key skills to streamline workdays, allowing more time for hands-on leadership.

Programme Inclusions

  • Peer learning and co-creation
  • 2 hours of 1:1 Coaching
  • 21 hours of live learning (spread over 6 x 3.5 hour sessions)
  • PDI report (eColours personality diversity indicators)
  • Learning platform for asynchronous communication with the facilitators and your peers throughout the programme
  • Digital Certificate
  • 3 months of complimentary access to the Safety Leaders Hub (community learning hub for ongoing support)

Participants Say

“One of the better courses I have completed in life and definitely gives you a broader perspective on dealing with current issues” ~ IW Project Manager, UK

“I have enjoyed the structure of the course and content, I found the coaching session interesting, finding out about myself ” ~ GL Workshop Supervisor. UK

“I liked the thought of exploring our personnel leadership styles. Self-reflection, with an enhanced understanding of ourselves, will help us to apply approach leadership situationally."~ MS Business Line Manager, MHS, AsiaPacific

“I have applied the lessons and learnings and elevated my team and self, Thanks for the impartation of safety and its importance when we work as a team.” ~ DS Country Manager, Americas

Benefits of Virtual Cohort-Based Learning

  • Flexible Learning: Participate from anywhere, balancing professional and personal commitments.
  • Collaborative Experience: Engage with peers from various industries, sharing insights and learning together.
  • Expert Facilitation: Benefit from live sessions led by experienced facilitators for personalised guidance.
  • Peer Support: Build lasting connections with fellow leaders for ongoing support.
  • Immediate Application: Apply what you learn in real-time, gaining practical, workplace-ready skills.
  • Cost-Effective: Save on travel and accommodation while accessing high-quality training remotely.
Sustained Engagement

Programme Overview

The Safety Culture by Design for Leaders programme spans 8 weeks and includes 6 live group session modules, self-paced learning between modules, and coaching. Each module is 3.5 hours, including breaks.

  • Participants: Minimum of 8, maximum of 16 for personalised learning.
  • Facilitation: Expert facilitators and coaches guide you throughout the programme.


  • Organisation: Ensuring consistent safety messages across the leadership that cohesively bind us all.
  • Team: Create a team where people feel safe speaking up, learning, challenging others, and contributing to the organisation's safety culture.
  • Individual: Energise the leadership skills, habits, and behaviours required for your safety culture to thrive.

Boost your leadership impact and drive organisational success with our Safety Culture by Design for Leaders programme.
Transform hesitation into confident action, prevent costly incidents, and build a culture of safety and obligation.

What Do You Need to Know?

The Price

Register Today for  £999.00 per person

£250.00 saving off the standard price £1,249.00 (pricing excludes VAT)

  • A group booking discount is available  for 3 or more participants
  • Interest-free 3-part instalments are available
Who are the Facilitators?
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