Safety Culture Quiz

This quiz aims to provide you with a snapshot of your perceptions of your current company safety culture. We use a similar approach for companywide surveys and safety culture development. 

There are 3 sections to the quiz

Safety Culture - 24 statements

Safety Culture Maturity Scale - 3 questions

Psychological Safety at Work - 4 questions

Your Results

Once you have submitted your answers, we will process the data and contact you to set up a no-obligation conversation about your safety culture quiz debrief.

Culture of Care

A culture of care in high-risk industries is a cornerstone for safety and efficiency. It cultivates a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and heard, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Open communication is encouraged, allowing for the free exchange of ideas and concerns, which is vital for risk management. Emotional literacy and psychological safety are prioritised, leading to a calm, focused, and resilient workforce.

This culture enhances learning, adaptability, and intercultural understanding, which is crucial in dynamic, high-hazard settings. Furthermore, it shapes effective leadership and team development, reinforcing positive behaviours and attitudes.

Overall, a culture of care is essential for fostering innovation, collaboration, and a safer, more productive workplace.

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