Why Hire a Professional Leadership Coach? Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should

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Apr 3, 2024

Are you thinking about hiring a professional leadership coach?

Are you curious about the perks of having a leadership coach by your side? You are on the right track, and understanding what lies ahead is crucial - allow me to be your guide.

Reflecting on my extensive experience of over two decades as a manager and leader, I often found myself pondering the role of a leadership coach and whether their guidance could genuinely make a difference for me.

There were moments when I longed for someone to confide in who wasn't directly tied to my professional circle.

Why, you may ask?

For one, I was keen to avoid any instances where I might feel inadequate or, let's face it, a bit daft in front of my superiors. Additionally, I was wary of appearing clueless to my peers.

You know how it is – the desire to maintain a sense of competency and composure in the eyes of those around you is ever-present.

So, as the old saying goes, "If you can't find one, become one" [well, I may have tweaked the wording here], and that's precisely what I did.

During my extensive journey spanning over 18 years as a front-line leadership coach and consultant, one undeniable truth became apparent.

Many new and emerging leaders often find themselves navigating the complexities of their roles without adequate support.

Caught in what I refer to as the 'leading people and managing tasks pendulum swing,' they struggle to find equilibrium with little to no guidance.

Have you ever found yourself in such a predicament? Or, as a company, have you recognised the challenge of providing adequate support to your emerging leaders?

It's a common dilemma, and there are valid reasons behind it (but we'll look into that in another post).

Regardless of your position, if you're tasked with managing both people and tasks, your days are undoubtedly jam-packed. The demands on your time are constant, leaving little room for personal development as a new or emerging leader.

You crave growth and improvement, yet finding the time for learning and support seems like an impossible challenge.

Can leadership coaching be the solution you've been searching for?

The answer is a resounding yes, although the decision ultimately rests with you.

But how exactly can a professional leadership coach benefit both you and your organisation? There are myriad reasons to consider hiring one, and the following brief list will set you on the right path.

Here are eight reasons to engage with a professional leadership coach.

1. Confidential Sounding Board
There are days when you need to offload and learn from your experience, turning it into a positive event. Your coach will be the shoulder you need to lean on for support when you falter, are unsure, or feel discouraged. Confidentiality is at the heart of coaching ethics.

2. It's all about You
You will have a professional who will bring out the best in you by identifying your strengths. Your coach knows how to draw out what you are good at and take those skills to the next level. The journey is yours, and your well-trained coach has many ways to guide you to success.

3. Gifted Communicator
A professional coach knows how to ask questions that provoke deep reflection and exploration. They encourage conversational agility, double-clicking on words to open up meaning, reframing situations, redirecting focus, and fostering empathy through active listening.

4. Help you get out of your own way
Your coach will guide you in finding ways to overcome obstacles and self-doubt. When you feel stuck or overwhelmed, your coach is there to provide guidance, using a toolkit of ideas, examples, and experience to support your progress.

5. Impartiality
A skilled coach listens to your concerns without judgment, offering a safe space for you to share and explore. With no personal or professional stake in your life, your coach provides impartial support and curiosity.

6. Asking Questions
The power of coaching lies in asking insightful questions that challenge assumptions and narratives. Your coach helps you uncover the truth behind your assumptions, overcome fears, and change limiting beliefs, guiding you towards new directions and perspectives.

7. Trusted Advisor
Your coach helps you stay accountable for your choices and actions, providing grounded advice and action plans. They offer tools and knowledge for your consideration, keeping you honest with yourself.

8. Success Buddy
Your coach celebrates your victories, no matter how big or small, cheering you on towards success. They are genuinely invested in your growth and achievements.

So, is Professional Leadership Coaching the right fit for you?

Coaching thrives with individuals who are ready to step outside their comfort zones. It's the secret weapon of high achievers.

Think about it: how many top-notch athletes do you know who don't have a coach?
The answer is likely none.

As a professional leadership coach, I have a coach to ensure that you receive the utmost value from our partnership. My coach serves the same purposes I mentioned earlier and more.

Reflection is pivotal for success in professional development, whether you're a coach or a leader.

~ Karin Ovari ~

Questions to ponder as you contemplate embarking on your coaching journey.

  • Are you a budding leader seeking to grow?
  • Do you crave stepping beyond your comfort zone?
  • Are you looking for practical, no-nonsense coaching?
  • Is coaching the ideal choice for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time to take action and invest in your growth and development with professional leadership coaching.

Reach out today to start your journey towards becoming the confident and successful leader you aspire to be.

Book your complimentary exploration session today...

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